MEDLIFE Ambulance provides Ambulance and Wheel Chair Van Transportation services to all of
the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.


Our services are supported by a new fleet of Ambulances and Wheel Chair Vans, along with a state of
the art computer aided dispatch system that includes a vehicle tracking system to ensure rapid responses and quality on-time service. We are licensed to bill Medicare and Medical, and are contracted with many of the HMO Insurance groups, providing billing services directly to the insurance companies.


Our Services include Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) and Wheel Chair Van Transportation services.


Description of Services


Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance

  • Our ambulances are equipped with all the latest, high quality Basic Life Support equipment and are staffed by two highly trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s). MEDLIFE Ambulance provides BLS ambulance services 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.



Advanced Life Support (ALS)

Our ALS services consists of Critical Care Transportation (CCT) and Respiratory Therapy (RT)

  • CCT transportation is an assembly of highly trained and certified Registered Nurses to transport patients with critical care such as Intravenous (IV) Monitoring, Cardiac Monitoring and or Catheters. Supported by specifically trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s)
  • RT transportation utilizes a team of experienced, certified Respiratory Therapists (RT’s) and EMTs to safely transport patents with a Tracheotomy or those that are Ventilator Dependant.
  • Wheelchair Transportation
  • This is a pre-scheduled service designed to support our BLS transportation and is offered to preferred customers in an effort to meet the needs of their wheelchair bound population.


One of the many ways that MEDLIFE Ambulance will assist in resolving problems for medical facilities, patients and their families.

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